Take your skiing further

Something we’ve been wanting to introduce you to is our Advanced Ski Courses (ASC). In order to do so we’ve asked our team member Anna a few questions. Anna is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, but comes over to Europe every year to help our as part of our winter season team.

Hi Anna! Tell us, what is your role with Oak Hall?
I usually run Advanced Ski Courses and also the pre-Level 2 preparation week for our instructors. Way back, I also instructed for lots of full winter seasons, and led for a few summer seasons.

How long have you been with Oak Hall and how did you get involved in the first place?
Hmmm… I have been involved with Oak Hall for at least part of each of the last 28 winter seasons. No way. Is it really 28 years? Yes, I’m afraid it is. I started very young, obviously. Word of mouth reached me, via a friend whose brother was involved, that an instructor was needed in a week’s time, for the first trip of the season in Austria. I managed to persuade my work to let me go, and my friend’s brother that I could teach skiing, and off I went. Being part of the team had a huge impact on me.

What is it that brings you back every year?
It’s a great privilege and a joy to be part of a team creating an experience that’s all about growing people spiritually, mentally and physically (when I say physically I mean through the learning to ski, though sometimes people also grow because of the great food and the Swiss chocolate), and building a temporary community that refreshes and nurtures people in their faith.

Can you tell us a bit more about ASC?
The ASCs are a blast! We always have a fun group of max 8 people, we get very focused (some would say hooked) on our skiing, we have both morning and afternoon sessions, we use video analysis (of ourselves and our ski heroes) in the evenings, and we laugh… a lot! It’s great for progression if you can ski most things (including black runs) parallel, and would like to extend your skills into more advanced areas of skiing, like off-piste, bumps, steeps, and speed. It’s also the perfect week to brush up your skiing if you’re thinking of embarking on the instructor training route. It’ll make you think, learn, ski a lot better, laugh, and all in the company and fellowship of great people. If you ask me, there is no better buzz or refreshing holiday than an intensely fun, physical and spiritual learning experience in the snowy Alps!

Advanced Ski Courses are available on L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L13, L14 and L15 in Lauterbrunnen (click here to book). You can read more about our Advanced Ski Courses here.

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