Join the Oak Hall winter team!

Wherever you are in the UK, the evenings have got darker, temperatures are dropping that the leaves are turning yellow. This can only mean one thing: autumn is here and we are counting the days until our winter season kicks off!

At the centre of it all will be our amazing winter team: people who give up their time to head to the mountains and serve for the glory of Jesus. Serving on the winter team is always rewarding, and we are always looking for new people to come and join the fun! If doesn’t matter if you can come for a week or the whole season – if the sound of practical service and warm fellowship in the mountains is something that excites you we would like to hear from you!

Serving with us brings great opportunities to come alongside people, spurring them on in discipleship, sharing our faith and our lives with them, so the most foundational requirement for our winter team is that they love Jesus, love people and share our vision of seeing people built up in their faith in Him.

Being part of the Oak Hall winter team is something you can do for a long or a short time, so don’t be put off if you can’t come for the whole season. You can come serve as a leader for one holiday or be part of the chalet team for weeks. Depending on your gifts and skills, we might even ask you to do a range of roles on different weeks!

Whatever your role you will:

  • immerse yourself in Bible teaching and Christian fellowship
  • gain practical ministry experience
  • make new friends
  • spend time in beautiful mountains

The various roles we are looking for this season are:


The leader is at the centre of the action and holds our winter holidays together. As a leader you are responsible for the overall running of the holiday, both looking after and leading the chalet team and making sure the needs of the guests are being met. The leader needs to be able to keep their head cool in all situations, be organised when liaising with hotels, chalets and resorts, and have good people skills. You never have a boring day as a leader! As a leader you are trained and supported by the team at the Manor.

Chalet team

The chalet team is by far the most diverse part of the winter team. If you love cooking or you would enjoy keeping the chalet spick and span this is for you. As part of the chalet team, you can choose whether to be more involved with the cooking side or with the cleaning side. The busiest time for the chalet team is while guests are on the slopes, as well as before and during dinner. Being part of the chalet team is perfect if one of your gifts is showing hospitality.


The instructor is the role with the most specific requirements. In order to be an Oak Hall ski or snowboarding instructor you need to be certified by the British Association of Snowsports Instructors (BASI), having passed at least the BASI level 2 course. During the season there will be opportunities to do both the BASI level 1 and 2 courses. The role of the instructor is so much more than just skills in the slopes, however. Being a ski instructor requires both patience and a love for people when you teach the amateurs and the gifted alike.


One of the most important roles in the winter team is the driver. The drivers take turns driving the Oak Hall coach to, from and between resorts. If you love driving, seeing the world and are qualified to drive coaches this is for you! Driving the Oak Hall coach you get a first row seat as we drive through the spectacular alps, as well as plenty of time to spend in fellowship with our guests.

If you could see yourself in one of these roles and have time to spare this winter, don’t hesitate to write to or call us on 01732 763131

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