Word and views – highlights from the Alpine Bible Week

This year’s Alpine Bible Week took place in the beautiful Swiss Alps, in a chalet surrounded by mountains in picturesque Churfirsten. A group of just over sixty of us got together to dive deeper into the Bible, while surrounded by a particularly stunning part of God’s creation! We had an excellent week filled with many highlights – here are just a few.

The view

Digging into Ephesians. On all our Oak Hall holidays we have evening meetings with a Bible talk and times of singing and fellowship, but we had a ‘double blessing’ this year of having meetings both in the morning and evening. Eddie Larkman took us through the whole book of Ephesians. Having two sessions per day meant that we could go all the deeper. It is a fairly short book, but one which has a massive vision, showing us God’s eternal purpose to create a new society in Jesus Christ, through the power of His Spirit and for the praise of His glory. We saw how God restores a broken world through the gospel, and renews our relationship with Him and with one another. Group sessions also gave us time to discuss what we were hearing, and were great times of fellowship with other Christians.

Seeing the sights. During our free afternoons we did a range of activities, which included hiking in the mountains, going to see Heidi’s house, sampling cheese at the cheese factory, a boat cruise on Walensee, swimming, exploring small towns, toboggan runs, and of course playing Monopoly Deal while drinking hot chocolate in cafes!

The wildlife

Experiencing the Swiss Alps. Each morning we were woken by the sound of cowbells, which was a nice change from the everyday. Many times we mistook them for church bells, so it took some getting used to, but was a welcome addition to the morning meetings!

Feasting on Oak Hall food. A highlight of all Oak Hall holidays is of course the food! We were especially fortunate in having our own excellent team to provide for us, and everyone was more than happy with what Mary, Jodi and Gesa did for us every day. They worked so hard throughout the week to keep the chalet clean and cook delicious, filling meals and always did this with a smile on their faces!

The team

Putting it all into action. The biggest highlight of the week for me personally was seeing a mixed group of people come together for one purpose – to worship God and spend time in His word. This is Ephesians in action! It’s amazing how a group of sixty people who for the most part have never met, can become friends so quickly and enjoy new experiences together. I really enjoyed seeing how everyone took care of each other and made sure there was no one left on their own. There was a genuine feel of Christian community, everyone loved the opportunity to study a book of the Bible in depth, and be able to ask any questions as we went along. I found it a week of real spiritual growth for myself, and pray that many others did too.

Written by: Bex Larkman

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