Do you know someone who would be interested in serving with the full-time office team at Oak Hall?

1892Each year we take several thousand people away from the distractions of everyday life and then send them home to serve their local churches and communities.

We are able to do all of this because several hundred volunteers give up their time to serve with us. Some serve for a week, others for a few months – each one because they want to see lives are transformed by encounters with Jesus.

We also rely on those who serve with us full time. At Otford Manor we have a team of about 20 who work with us full time to support all our summer and winter expeditions, as well as the conference centre. As we keep developing our operations we are now looking at growing our full-time office team.

We are looking for someone who has previous office experience, is gifted at administration, loves details and interacting with people. Someone who is competent with computers and enjoys hard work in a busy environment. Someone who respects confidentiality, is well organised, proactive and adaptable.

They will help the Expedition Planning Team make sure that all expeditions run smoothly by gathering, organising and presenting information. This will involve tasks such as: liaising with hotels, airlines and coach companies; producing information packs for guests and team; helping guests via phone and e-mail with their booking queries; keeping accurate accounts; helping produce publicity; researching destinations; keeping information well organised; advising guests, resorts and expedition teams; praying for the opportunities and challenges that the work presents.

blank business composition computerThose who serve full-time are provided with a salary including pension provision etc. (details on request) and accommodation at Otford Manor.

It is key that this person is a keen Christian plugged into and serving at a local church. Their greatest hesitation about joining our team would be leaving their own church. They would be excited about Oak Hall’s vision and keen to use their gifts to serve many local churches by sending them refreshed Christians who have their eyes fixed on Jesus. 

Our expeditions travel to a wide range of countries and are planned for those who enjoy adventurous activities and exploring other cultures. Our particular goal is to reach, disciple and encourage those in their 20s and 30s, although all are welcome to travel with us. We are an enthusiastic team based at our manor in the Kent Hills and enjoy sharing life together.

We are convinced that the Holy Spirit shows people Christ’s glory as the Bible is taught; we believe that a week of fellowship, adventure and Bible study can change someone’s eternity. We pray to see non-Christians put their trust in Jesus, wandering Christians returning to their first love and all Christians encouraged and inspired to press on.

The foundation of our work together is the teaching of the Bible, and so we expect applicants to agree with the UCCF doctrinal basis.

Please contact for a full description of this role for and instructions for how to apply.


3 Replies to “Do you know someone who would be interested in serving with the full-time office team at Oak Hall?”

  1. Hi Oakhall,
    Please can you send me details about the opportunities in the office/expedition department and volunteer positions. Thank-you and God bless you

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