Skiing & Boarding 2001: A Nonstop season of Alpine Action! #throwbackthursday

We’re beginning to reach modern times with this our last #throwbackthursday for this spring: we’re going back to the not so distant past of the 2001 winter season. We’ve left the 80s and 90s fashion behind us and entered a new millennium where practicality is the new black (or in this case, the new multicoloured ski suit). The man on the front page could easily have been one of this season’s ski instructors in Lauterbrunnen, who also wore bright orange jackets (although with a neat “Oak Hall” logo!).

Some of this year’s Lauterbrunnen team

As you know there are lots of things to take into account when planning a winter programme, and sometimes certain destinations are great for a few years, but become impractical or even impossible the next. This is a good thing, as it brings in variety and freshness into the programme, and helps us to stay on the ball with keeping our options open for everyone. What was on offer in 2001 was thus quite different from last year and, indeed, what is on offer this year (to be revealed 4pm on Saturday 19th May!) 2001 saw lots of departures, and perhaps most intriguingly, to three unusual countries! Of course, we still went to Switzerland and Austria (where we’ll continue to go), but we also went to France, USA and Canada.

Here are some interesting things from the 2001 brochure:

  • In Crans Montana in Switzerland, although three meals per day were included in the price, you could, if you wanted to splash out, go to one of the 15 mountain restaurants! Or if you had too much money, maybe all 15?
  • There were weeks when you could go to Lauterbrunnen for £198 – just like today!
  • In USA you could choose to go to an outdoors mountain-top Sunday service overlooking the Continental Divide. What better place to hear God’s word and sing his praises than overlooking his wonderful creation? No wonder it’s mentioned to be both popular and an memorable experience.
  • In Canada you could chose to go for a ski safari! Unfortunately, this isn’t to go see lots of animals in their winter fur, but rather a tour of a variety of ski areas. Each to their own! On offer was also to go heli skiing – skiing accompanied by a helicopter, rather than using ski lifts. No wonder the Canada page came with the headline “For mode adventure ski the extreme dream!” It also gave rise to the amazing headline “Heli Skiing on the edge of the Bugaboos”.
  • There are a good amount on Oak Hall jackets featured in the brochure, here are some of them:
Who can name the guys?

We’ll return to #throwbackthursday on this blog in a few months but for now, this is the last in the series! The winter programme will be revealed online on Monday, and the physical copy of the winter brochure will arrive in your post boxes at the end of the month. We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve found in the archives and that it’s made you excited to head to the mountains again!

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