SKI with Oak Hall 1983 #throwbackthursday

It’s that time of the year again, when seasoned Oak Hallers begin to wait for a special item to arrive in their post boxes. We’ve just finished packing down our largest chalet in Switzerland and so the winter season is officially over… the summer season has begun, yet the item soon to be mailed is the new Oak Hall winter brochure!

The final details are being prepared for next year’s winter programme, and if all things go according to plan, it will be with you at the end of May. Leading up to its launch, we’ve been digging through the Oak Hall archives again. We’ve a few gems to share with you over the next few weeks for #throwbackthursday specials, as we await the arrival of the new 2019 winter brochure!

Here’s the very first Oak Hall winter brochure, published not too long after the first summer brochure in 1982. The design is slightly simpler but has a photo of an actual Oak Hall team member on the front page. Things were more straightforward back in those days and the title of the brochure contained all the Oak Hall winter destinations of that year: Germany and Switzerland!

The two destinations, to be specific, were Feldberg in the Black Forest (a place we still visit to ski) as well as Grindelwald in the Swiss Bernese Oberland – not too far from everyone’s current favourite Lauterbrunnen.

As always, affordable prices were a key feature of the Oak Hall winter programme, with prices ranging from £98 to £138 for 10 days of skiing. 36 years ago, as in 2018, the price included transport, meals and accommodation. In 2018, our cheapest winter holiday was £198 (although now you would pay separately for ski hire and instruction!) Still though, Oak Hall inflation is quite low!

Of course, no Oak Hall trip is complete without evening Bible talks, and the 1983 brochure states – in case people might think true life was found in skiing – that “abundant life comes from being His followers”.

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