Oak Hall Expeditions 1982

Leading up to the launch of our 2018 summer brochure, we have been digging through the archives, and as a #throwbackthursday treat, thought we would share with you some of what we have found.


Even though the Oak Hall Youth Group, and subsequently Oak Hall Expeditions had been advertising their expeditions around the world through printed material, like bulletins and flyers, 1982 was the first time the world saw a proper Oak Hall brochure. Printed in black and white and orange, the front cover promised adventure, fellowship and incredible value! Then like now, the faces on the brochure were guests and Oak Hall veterans, only drawn by hand, and with better haircuts than today! At the centre of the action is a classic Oak Hall coach, surrounded by some of its destinations: majestic mountains, secretive sphinxes, continental castles and Paris under the full moon.

The inside of the brochure has 11 different summer destinations (and a cheeky advert for the winter trip leaflet). Some of the highlights of these were:

  • Exploring the vineyards and quaint villages of the Rhine Valley in Germany, 12-13 days for £98
  • Promises of a Southern European sun-tan after 14 days in France, Spain and the Pyrenees for £128
  • A ‘remarkable expedition using no less than eight different ships’ to get through Holland, Denmark and Sweden to finally arrive in Finland. A whole 20 days for £219
  • An absolutely epic journey by coach for all Oak Hall Expedition enthusiasts, including visits to Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece (Athens and Crete!) before spending a full 14 days in Egypt. How much for 24 days of adventure? £328

We hope you enjoyed that piece of Oak Hall history. More to come!

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